Autism First Responders Training

The Autism Society of Florida and the South Florida Crisis Intervention Team have teamed up to provide autism training to First Responders.

The purpose of CIT training is to provide first responders with specialized training to help them respond more effectively to persons living with autism and who are in crisis.



Each training class encompasses 40-hours of instruction including a combination of didactic and interactive components, and is limited to 30-35 participants. Instructors consist of volunteer agencies and experts from the local community. The Autism Society of Florida provides 2 ½ hours of training on autism during that 40-hour week.  Individuals with autism and their family members attend the session.


The goals of CIT training are to help law enforcement officers:

Develop increased sensitivity to and understanding of issues related to autism.
Recognize issues of related to autism as deserving of special needs.
Understand viewpoints and feelings of persons living with autism.
Recognize common behaviors associated with autism.
Develop a humane approach that preserves individuals dignity and rights.
Use basic responding skills to control a situation.
Reduce likelihood of physical confrontations.
Identify options and resources available to help resolve a crisis.
Gain competence and confidence in responding to persons living with autism who are in crisis.

The Autism Society of Florida has participated in Law Enforcement, Crisis Intervention Team trainings for the past 9 years, a service we are extremely honored to provide to our community.  It is our hope to extend these trainings state-wide this year.