John Miller

  • John Miller

John Miller was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1968.  During his childhood he worked hard to overcome many academic and social obstacles. He decided to get a Master‘s in Special Education to help young people succeed academically and in life. During this period, he was diagnosed with autism, which answered many questions. For over a decade he has taught students with varying degrees of autism and settings. Beyond teaching, he has consulted, creating pragmatic and organizational programs for individuals with autism. For over a half a decade he has presented on a variety of topics that deal with pragmatics, inclusion, transition, among others, throughout the United States. Presently, he sits on the Florida Atlantic University CARD Constituency Committee. In September, he became a member of an education and programming committee with the Autism Society of America. In his book, Decoding Dating, John received the Dr. Temple Grandin Award for Outstanding Literary Work of the Year.